1. In Montrose the pioneering spirit is very evident at the “Star Drive In.” It is a business that has been owned by the same family for 50 years. It is very unique to Montrose, because there are very few drive ins left in the country. People of all ages gather around in the summer months to not only enjoy the movie,  but to enjoy eachothers’ company.


  2. In Montrose county people have a sense of pride for where they live. There are several different organizations that are determined to keep Montrose nice for everyone.


  3. In Montrose, people are passionate about friendship, athletics, and community. The consecutive western slope champions, the Montrose Marlins swim team, is a great example of this passion. Swimmers pour their heart and soul into the pool with 2 a day practices,  swim meets, and weight lifting. Swimmers from Ouray, Ridgeway, and Cederadge come to Montrose to experience this close knit community. What they gain from it is discipline, gratitude, and teamwork.


  4. Photo credit: David Mclaughlin

    I believe the positive energy in Montrose county comes from the beauty surrounding it.

                     "Keep your face always toward the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you."

                     —- Walt Whitman


  5. photo credit: Jeff Hunt

    Jeff Hunt catches air at “flattop,” the dirt biking hot spot for Montrose county. Many people in Montrose, of all ages, share a passion for dirt biking. The adobes provide a perfect spot for such a high-thrill sport.

    (Source: dcasler.com)


  6. Montrose High School junior Jack Wolanin takes advantage of the beautiful landscape around Montrose county. People in Montrose are passionate about nature.

    Photo credit: Gavin Mclaughlin


  7. Word of the day

    Culture: noun. The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.

    Part of the culture of Montrose county is the fair. Raising livestock is a part of life on the western slope. The fair is an event with many different traditions that is celebrated each year.


  8. My interview with the executive director of the Montrose recreation district. Ken Sherbenou shares the plans to create a white water park, a new rec center, and more.


  9. Word of the day

    Hopeful: adjective. Feeling or inspiring optimism about a future event.

    People in Montrose are always hopeful for the future. We are always changing, expanding, and ‘doing.’ With so many positive people, what is there not to be hopeful about?


  10. Adventurous: adjective. People in Montrose are inclined or willing to engage in adventures, or enjoy adventures.

    (Source: stephentrainor.com)